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Prococo chips review

prococo chips review

By on July 16, 2020

Prococo chips review:

prococo chips review
prococo chips review

This is a Prococo chips review. CocoChips are made from the highest quality coconut available.   A great choice for any animal that requires humidity. Ideal for many species of amphibians, some species of geckos, pythons, boas, skinks, some colubrids and most monitors.

  • Naturally absorbs and breaks down odor.
  • No dust.
  • Absorbs moisture well for a slow release to maintain humidity..
  • A 100% organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable product.
  • Each compressed 4.5kg (approx. 10 lb) block expands to about 2.5 cubic feet in water!  Roughly 12″x12″x6″.
  • Smaller and more compact for shipping than many other similar substrates.

Prococo chips review Testimonial:

prococo chips review

I switched to coco coir instead of peat because of the environmental impact and carbon footprint of peat. Coco fibers are basically a leftover from the coconut, so it’s a nice way to use up the whole coconut. Plus, I really love using coco coir.

I put it into a big plastic tub and add more and more water as it expands. It’s impressive how much water it absorbs and how huge it gets! Then you have a nice satisfying pile of fiber to mix into your soil. It blends in really well and lightens the whole soil.

Last year I used it in some large metal planter boxes, and this year I’m using it in my greenhouse where the soil gets ‘tired’ quite fast. After adding a 10 lb block of coir, the soil is the best it’s ever been. So far, my tomato plants approve. Next I want to experiment with making my own potting soil with coir. It would save money and be one more way to use coconut leftovers instead of virgin peat. Arbico has the best price + shipping for these big blocks of peat, and I was impressed by their selection and service and I’ve placed other orders since then. Glad I found them!.

How to use Prococo Chips:

prococo chips review
prococo chips review

Remove the bag and submerge either the full block or part of it in water.

Allow to fully expand, then break up the dry pieces and mix contents.

Drain excess water and use.


Suggested Uses: Can be used for animal and reptile bedding, soil and peat moss replacement, greenhouse growing, landscaping material, bedding for nursery plants, orchids and ephiphytes, tree and vine planting, citrus propagation, mushroom cultivation, growing microgreens, hydroponics and aquaponics, vermiculture, playground mulch, living green roofs, eco-plastics, eco-mattresses, spill absorption, oil cleanup, liquid containment and more.


Mix CocoPeat with other Prococo products and/or other growing media materials to build a soil suitable to your cultivation needs. Use as a soil amendment in sandy soils to improve water retention.


Environment: Use in greenhouses, nurseries, container plants, bedding plants, playgrounds, landscaping, hydroponics, aquaponics and on lawns, gardens, fields and golf courses.

Facts about Prococo Chips:

prococo chips review

Made from the natural byproducts of coconut cultivation, this premium coconut product is a renewable and sustainable product. Prococo Coco’s high moisture retention, mildly acidic pH and long-term effectiveness make it a fantastic choice for bedding, mulch mediums, mulch amendments and landscaping uses. Advantages to using coconut are numerous:

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2 comments on “Prococo chips review

  1. Hi Naomi,
    Wow! Thanks for educating me about prococo chips and how it could be use for many things, including bedding for Amphibians. Also, on how it can be prepared before putting it in the soil.
    When it comes to exotic pets, I have no idea, but reading your post increases my curiosity and interest for knowledge.
    I will be visiting your site for time to time to learn more.
    Great post

  2. Yes this stuff is very versatile makes a great mulch just clean up after animals and recycle as a mulch when changing to new bedding. The water retention is great to keep plants hydrated.

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