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Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

By on March 25, 2020

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons.

In this article I will discuss the top 7 worst bedding for pythons. We know some of these can be an ok substrate, but they have flaws. Which makes other substrates better for pythons or boas. These substrates can be used but there are better options.

Number 7 Coco fiber Substrate (Not Chips)

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

This substrate absorbs moisture well. But when the snake strikes at prey it can get in mouth of snake. Causing snake to gag or not eat at all. This substrate is dirt like and works well with other animals. It is great for humidity levels but too fine for snakes. Not saying do not use! Just saying there are better options.

Number 6 Aspen Bedding:

Top 7 worst bedding for pythons.

Although cedar and pine shavings are not suitable for use in snake cages, aspen shavings make a good substrate. Use these shavings with smaller snakes and those that don’t need high humidity. The shavings get moldy from too much moisture, and particles can get under a large snake’s scales on its belly, which causes irritation.

Top 7 worst bedding for pythons.

Number 5 Carpeting:

Carpeting is a suitable substrate for non-burrowing snakes. It’s cheap if you use remnants, but you’ll need at least two pieces of a suitable size to fit in the cage. One piece of carpet can stay in the cage while you wash the other. Carpeting gets soiled and wear quickly, because you need to do frequent washings. Another disadvantage is humidity. Moisture tends to puddle and possibly mold when adding water to the habitat.

Number 4 Newspaper:

top 7 worst bedding for pythons

Newspaper is popular for snake bedding because it’s readily available. You can often get it for free, and it’s easy to change when your pet soils it. A snake can easily burrow in newspaper, so it’s best for species that don’t burrow naturally. It’s not a particularly decorative type of substrate, but it’s very good for tight budgets. It can cause staining on white snakes. Pythons will burrow and use restroom under  substrate. Reticulated pythons are worse about using paper for a hide.

top 7 worst bedding for pythons

Number 3 Artificial Turf:

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

Like carpeting, artificial turf works well if you have multiple pieces so you can put a clean piece in your snake’s cage while cleaning the soiled one. This material is very easy to clean. It’s also durable and lasts a long time, although its appearance deteriorates from repeated washing. Humidity will also be hard to maintain due to puddling


Number 2 Paper Towels:

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

Like newspaper, paper towels make good snake bedding because they’re absorbent and easy to remove when soiled. Simply remove the towels and replace them with new ones when you clean your snake’s cage. They’re most suitable for snakes that don’t burrow, and pythons burrow and hide. Bigger pythons will move the paper towels all around the cage.

Number 1 Sand

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

Sand is a more aesthetically pleasing substrate for snakes than newspaper or paper towels. You can purchase it at pet shops in a wide variety of colors to fit into your decorative scheme.

Snakes can burrow in sand, but it’s bad for your snake if the sand is swallowed. Ingested sand causes impaction and grains of sand can get under the snake’s scales. This bedding also gets soiled very quickly and must be completely replaced. Weigh its visual appeal against the potential problems.

Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons

Conclusion to Top 7 Worst Bedding For Pythons:

In conclusion these are viable substrates for some snakes, but these are not the best for some. The 7 worst bedding for pythons is a guide for you to make an educated decision. This should shine a light for people with larger pythons or boas. These substrates should be used at the right time for the right animals.


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