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Wealthy Affiliate – Naomi Knight

By on July 28, 2020

Wealthy Affiliate:

The platform Wealthy Affiliate is my choice website builder. It allows up to 25 regular domains an 25 sub domains for one low price. Cheapest web hosting available! Free private coaching,e? Networking with experts, private access to owners of platform and 24/7/365 tech support. Help with training! Who could ask for more?

Need help building a web site they have a website builder to guide you through the process. Free ssl and and security package. Engagement and feedback platforms for free along with live chat feature for additional help.

Free site analysis! Site speed performance boost or site speed accelerate will give your site extremely quick load times. Premium gives you a bandwidth high enough for 500,000 visitors while free will only give you 1000.

Ready to learn? They have a core certificate program, affiliate boot camp, 1000+ training modules, 13 training classrooms and a 400+ live class database. Do other platforms offer multiple video walk-through tutorials? Best thing is I can be a part of your network and answer any questions you have!

Best platform available!

wealthy affiliates
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Host your own domains up to 25! Research all your key words with your free keyword research tools. With keyword competition analysis, brainstorm engine and alphabet soup. It has keywords lists management and niche keyword management lists.

Ready to be an affiliate yet? If you go premium you get 2 x the payout. They also offer affiliate search and management tools. Earn while you learn.. Training cash credit! Site comment cash programs!

Buying a domain is a great deal here to you get free ssl and privacy protection. So their first year not varying in price is a positive compared to other sites. Like go daddy will give you first year at $.99 but second year is always higher than wealthy affiliates base price.  Also Go daddy charges as much as domain price for privacy protection. Which is free on Wealthy affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy affiliates
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Wealthy Affiliate:

Who is Naomi? Wealthy affiliates:

As a premium member of wealthy affiliate. Working here at A 2 Z Reptiles! I have all the tools to set up and operate a website.

I am a 37 year mom trying to make it in this heavily competitive space called the world wide web. Presently I am going through affiliate training at wealthy affiliates and loving every minute of it. Only thing I regret is Not thinking of a niche I am passionate  to start with. This is very important! The training helps you build a site and as you build that site it gains rank. I started this site in module 7 of 10. So it did not benefit from all the posts and comments from other lessons.

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Wealthy Affiliate:

How Do I succeed!

I succeed through wealthy affiliate and A 2 Z Reptiles is my vehicle. Our site is here to please. We are a home based website with reptile breeding as a side hustle. The affiliate programs we join will soon monetize our sites and we can flourish. Right now I am unemployed due to covid and trying to feed my family.

wealthy affiliates
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Wealthy Affiliate:

Where do I get my motivation!

My motivation is the people at Wealthy affiliate, people at my online college and my family. Also a belief in in the wealthy affiliates program. They are a proven method of success and I will succeed as long as I follow the outlines in my training.

wealthy affiliates
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Wealthy Affiliate:

What is my go to support group!

My support group is wealthy affiliate! The live chat and higher ranking members are great. It is like a family!  Tech support is also a great motivation. If I crash my site they will fix it for me so it is a win win situation. Wealthy  affiliates is a member of my team instead of a web hosting platform.

wealthy affiliates
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Wealthy Affiliates:

Where did I get my Niche?

I simply chose a niche from my day to day life. Everyone has something that makes them special or make them feel passionate. And that is what I did I am always watching videos on pythons, YouTube video making, and WordPress. My passion for pythons started with a simple normal Ball python Pets Mart. Then next I got my first female reticulated python through Craigslist. Now I have 21 snakes and a reptile website.

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Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Conclusion:

Without further ado, here’s the affiliate commission structure.

  • $1 for every referral that fills out their Wealthy Affiliate profile (This means that they upload their picture and they fill out the description.)  This is a one-time per referral commission.
  • Domain name purchases $1 each (recurring yearly) Don’t forget that, though your website hosting is free for up to 50 websites (25 full and 25 sub-domains), you should buy a domain name for each site (about $12/year).  (See why you should buy the domain name here). You make a small commission when your referrals buy domains.
  • First-month membership $19 => $8 commission  This is for people who upgrade to premium within the first 7 days.
  • Monthly membership $49 => $23.50 commission  This is a recurring commission for as long as they are members.
  • Yearly membership $495 => $235 commission  This is also recurring.

wealthy affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate!

Thank you! 

Wealthy Affiliate!

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